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Dianabol (Methandrostenolone, Danabol, Dbol): Bodybuilding anabolic steroid Profile

Methandrostenolone is an anabolic steroid derivative of testosterone, which is also known by the names of Dianabol and Dbol.


Dianabol (Methandrostenolone, Danabol, Dbol): Bodybuilding anabolic steroid


The steroid was originally developed by John Bosley Zeigler, an American doctor, and was released in the United States by Ciba in the 1960s the medicine is used for muscle growth by bodybuilders until it was banned by the Food Administration and drugs under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

Dianabol is considered a drug in Schedule III of the Drug Control Agency, which means that when obtained by a doctor, the prescription can be refilled up to five times over a period of six months.

The drug is illegal without a prescription, and must be obtained by a doctor for medical use only. Dianabol production has ceased in most of Western Europe and the United States, however, the drug is being manufactured in Mexico, Romania, Moldavian Republic, Russia, Thailand and Bulgaria.


Even if you are bleakly into muscle and bodybuilding, you already know what steroids can do to achieve your goals. Finding the right kind of product, which has no side effects and is recommended by thousands of trainers was impossible at one time.

Instead, experienced bodybuilders used to restrict their trainees from using such products to make sure they were able to maintain their body building goals.

However, Dianabol (also known as dbol/d-bal/dianobal etc) has changed it all for good.

There is no doubt about the fact that the entire D-bal is one of the top ranked products for the entire bodybuilding community. It is widely accepted and is recommended on even a wider scale.

The reasons being super impressive results, suitability for bodybuilder of any level and availability at a very reasonable price. Adding up, is its ease of use and worldwide accessibility.

What is Dianabol

According to Wikipedia- Dianabol is a trade name of Methandrostenolone. The other names are Methandienone & Metandienone. And it’s an oral anabolic steroid which is developed in Germany & released in the Market of United States at 1960’s by a company named Ciba Specialty Chemicals. In US & WE supplement market Methandrostenolone is a limited substance. It’s also very popular among bodybuilders. You may check the complete biography of Methandrostenolone here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methandrostenolone.

Dianabol Safe Alternatives
Some of the Companies/Manufacturers I found Which is Selling Legal Steroids (They all claims that their products are very much effective for bodybuilding & safe alternative of actual dbol).

Some Professional trainers says that they are just BS or a waste of money- where I found some good reviews too on some websites.

It’s true that not all supplements works in a same way for every people. I can say that these supplements are really selling very well & people are buying this supplements like Crazy. I’m still looking for some real Customer Feedback.

Below are Some Alternate Legal Steroid Manufacturers That Claims the Similar Results

What These Legal Steroid Offers
What makes dianabol entirely different from rest of the steroids and almost all the Dianabol reviews in favor of this product is the way it works and its composition.

And because thousands of people have used it, the results speak for themselves.

Dianabol series comes in the form of pills, so it has to be taken orally. Usually fast acting and result oriented steroids are to be injected in the body to get quick and impressive results.

By taking dbol orally, you are inducing protein synthesis processes in the whole body, gradually and for a longer period. This way, you get super amazing results when you are pumping iron in the gymnasium.

But that’s not all, your body keeps processing proteins even if you are not working out. What this means is that your body becomes a 24-hour protein synthesis machine and you will be astonished by the results in a much shorter time.

How does Dianabol/Dbol Oral Pills work?
D-anaoxn muscle building formula helps the body in retaining nitrogen in the muscles for a longer time than usual. This retained and increased volume of nitrogen helps in quicker protein buildup in the body, thus helping in gaining muscles and strength in a much shorter time. When you are thinking of nothing other than gaining mass and muscles, you care for nothing but the results.

Most of the times, people use extraordinarily expensive products that are still unable to give breath taking results. Dbol bodybuilding tablets succeed to impress you in both ways, in terms of price and results.

Dianabol results start appearing from the first month. All you have to do is to take Dianabol (you can buy online from the official website only) tablets as instructed. The recommended Dbol dosage is 1 pill thrice a day with meals. It does not matter if you are working out on a specific day or not, you are still instructed to take the pill.

Just make sure that you are taking the pill 30-45 minutes before you plan to workout. When you order a bottle of Dbol muscle building tablets, you are ordering a whole month’s supply. Each bottle of Dbol contains 90 pills.

Dbol Before And After Results
Compared to any other bodybuilding steroid, Dianabol does not fail to impress at all. Hundreds of people who have actually used this product have posted their Dianabol before and after pictures for others to see the results and start using it, without a second thought. Most of the bodybuilders can be seen gaining results in just a few weeks time. You do not have to take Dbol forever to retain your body mass or muscles. Once you are content with the results and achieved your goals, you can let go of it without any side effects. To get the best result must buy original product through us.

Dianabol/Dbol Side Effects:
The most important thing to consider while choosing a steroid product for rapid mass and muscle gain is its side effects. Steroids can be addictive and because they induce several processes in the body and trigger several hormones, it is rare that one does not experience any side effects at all.

The manufacturer claims- D-Anaoxn/D-bal is such product that has a proven no-complain track record. They are manufactured in a FDA approved lab and contains verified and approved pharmaceutical grade ingredients. As long as you are taking the pills as directed, these are extremely safe to use. Even if you change the pill routine according to your needs, it does no harm at all.

So, if you are planning to take two pills before your workout and skip one dose during the day to get that additional kick in your exercises, you can go with that without fearing any sort of side effect. Still, it is better to use it as directed to keep your body building muscle protein round the clock.

Other side effects of using steroids are losing hair, feeling tired after the effect fades away and stress on liver and heart. Dianabol does not cause any of these at all.

What is Dianabol?

Methandrostenolone / Methandienone is an oral anabolic steroid passing marks or slang names Dianabol, D-Bol, Anabol (roses), Methanabol, Naposim, or Reforvit B. Danabol Dianabol is a potent anabolic steroid that has great androgenic qualities. The drug is also able to interact with the enzyme aromatase, which results in the possibility of estrogenic side effects.

Dianabol: Effects on the Body

As with any medication, anabolic steroids such as Dianabol have many side effects, including but not limited to the following:

• estrogenic trends: it promotes the production of estrogen, which results in the development and promotion and maintenance of female sex characteristics.

• Gynecomastia: development of female breasts in males.

• Water retention

• The loss of muscle definition

• Acne on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back

• The body / facial hair growth

• The male pattern baldness

• Liver damage

• Increased protein synthesis

• Decreased cell respiration

• Decreased production of red blood cells

• masculinizing effects in women (facial hair, body hair, deepening of the voice)

• High blood pressure

• Jaundice (an obstruction of the bile ducts, causing a backup of bilirubin in the body)

• Cancer (long-term exposure to c17 alpha alkylated)

• Increased levels of aggression


Dianabol: Fat loss / gain mass / strength Builder

Dianabol has both a strong anabolic and androgenic which means a significant increase in strength, strength and muscle mass. With drug users can expect an increase of 1-2 kg per week during the first 6 weeks of use is normal.

Dianabol dose being varied, especially among students, weightlifters and athletes, drug dosage can fluctuate 2-10 pills per day and in some cases superior. The effects on weight lifters can be noticed at a dose between 15-40 mg per day.

For coach initial weight, the dose should not exceed 15-25 mg per day, this dose is effective to produce visible results within a continuous cycle of 8-10 weeks. If the effects of steroids Dianabol decreased after a course of 8 weeks, the medicine may be used in conjunction with other injectable steroid, but dose not need to be increased.

For a weightlifter, good results can be obtained at a dose of 20-30 mg per day of Dianabol combined with a dose of 200-400 mg of additional Deca-Durabolin weekly. For those seeking an increase in strength and muscle definition, combing oxandrolon Dianabol or Winstrol, will produce the desired results.

Dianabol is not recommended for weight training competition, because it causes considerable water retention. Women who wish to use Dianabol may experience desirable results at a dose of 10 to 20 mg per day. For women who do not experience any adverse side effects from the use of Dianabol, a dose of 2-4 tablets a day for a period of 4-6 weeks may be ideal.

Although Dianabol has many adverse side effects, but are uncommon for athletes who take a dose of 20 mg per day. The main part long-term side effects of Dianabol is liver damage, which can be experienced in both high and low doses.

Dianabol: Cycle

Dianabol has an active life of 6-8 hours, with a half life of about 3-4 hours. A single daily dose of Dianabol will produce a varying blood level, with fluctuations experienced throughout the day. A person can take a dose in whole or divide the tablets during the day, dividing the dose the user will be better able to control blood concentration levels.

An average dose of Dianabol for males is between 15-50 mg per day and for women aged from 5 to 10 mg per day. It being preferable for men steroid, even a moderate amount of Dianabol ends will result masculinizing characteristics in women.

Dianabol: Use and Abuse in bodybuilding

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that works fast acting quickly and very effectively in the body. Depending on the desired effects, athletes, weightlifters and power lifters will have a wide range of dosing with Dianabol. The daily dose range, depending on the individual can range anywhere from 2 to 20 tablets per day, although effective dose for athletes would be about 15-40 mg per day.

One reason that Dianabol is preferred for use in athletes is because the drugs ability to reduce endogenous levels of cortisone so as 50-70%, which slows the rate of degradation of proteins in the muscles.

Any type of drug has the ability to be used and abused anabolic steroids are no different. By law, are not the steroids that have been approved for the treatment of medical conditions valid, however, the non-medical use is illegal and is considered to be a form of abuse.

Russian Dianabol

Although illegal, methandrostenolone can be obtained legally without a prescription in the form of Dianabol Russian. Russian Dianabol is both free secondary effect of steroids, which makes it a safe choice for the purposes of performance enhancement.

Russian Dianabol comes in a package push-out strips containing 10 tablets each. The strips are contained in a green box and held in place with a black rubber band. The imprint of the box is written in blue or black and tablets have no bloodletting, with the amounts of substances in the form of a gram.

There have been reports of desirable results witness in doses of between two to four pills a day, while others have given results increased mass experienced a dose of 4-8 tablets per day.

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